Ciera Lockwood coach at CrossFit 12 Stones

Ciera Lockwood


Ciera grew up playing competitive softball in Spokane and always had a love for being physically active. She became a member of 12 Stones in the beginning of 2019 and loved the atmosphere and competition that CrossFit gave her. She became a coach in 2020 and loves serving her community through fun and fitness.

Her favorite part of being a coach is watching the members grow and reach new heights in their fitness journeys, and cheering them on along the way.

Christina Zier coach at CrossFit 12 Stones

Christina Zier


Christina is a graduate from CWU with a degree in Exercise Science and a passion for all things physical.

After retiring from 10 years of competitive rugby, CrossFit quickly became the focus. Becoming a CrossFit L-1 coach shortly after.

Encouraging and motivating people to improve their overall wellbeing has always been a focus.

Maureen Davis coach at CrossFit 12 Stones

Maureen Davis


Maureen is a long time couch potato turned CrossFitter. Growing up mostly sedentary, she finally ran her first mile at age 22 thanks to a wellness challenge at work. After that slight ego boost, she decided to train for a Spartan Race, joined a gym…and had NO IDEA what to do while there. So, when a coworker recommended CrossFit, she gave it a shot. She was thrilled to learn how to lift, train, and quickly fell in love with it.

But even more, she loved pursuing health and building a body that was capable of anything, for the first time. Maureen has always loved to teach and work with people, so in December 2019 she pursued and earned her CF-L1 and started coaching at CrossFit Sentry in Centralia, WA. A year later, Maureen left Western WA, moving to Kennewick in February of 2021, when and where she married the love of her life. Since then, she has been enjoying married life and the 12 Stones community, all while trying to adjust to the strange bright thing in the sky here on the East Side ☀️ In her spare time, she loves cooking (and feeding people), listening to nerdy health podcasts, participating in church events, and especially having people (both friends and friends-to-be) in her home.

coach at CrossFit 12 Stones

Todd Stone


Todd is known for his superhuman strength, but more importantly, he is known for his approachable coaching style. Todd graduated with a Physiology degree from Central Washington University and has committed his career to help people through their fitness journey. CrossFit became a part of his journey while attending CWU. What he loved most, other than back squatting, was receiving texts when he didn’t show up to a class.

People cared – they cared about him specifically. Since then, Todd has continued his education by completing CrossFit Level 1, Power Athlete Block 1, Aerobic Capacity, and CrossFit Football. Todd gets excited when he sees heavy thrusters and box jumps in a workout. When he isn’t spending time in the gym you will find him scouting for the newest puppy Instagram account to follow, reading a young adult book series, and adding to his t-shirt collection.

Aryn Stone coach at CrossFit 12 Stones

Aryn Stone


Aryn is a graduate of Business and Communications from Seattle Pacific University. She grew up an athlete, with basketball being her sport of choice. It wasn’t until Aryn met Todd that she was interested in CrossFit. Todd took Aryn to CrossFit Regionals in 2014 and she was hooked. Aryn had always wanted to try CrossFit, but people told her she was crazy. Todd was the one that told her she could do it. She drank the KoolAid.

Since then Aryn has dived in, full force. She has received her Level 1 CrossFit Certificate and has been an active member of the community. Her biggest passion is helping people have a healthier relationship with food and learn to eat in a way that is sustainable to their lifestyle. Aryn has her Precision Nutrition and Working Against Gravity coaching certificates. With her knowledge around nutrition, she leads our nutrition program. Some of her favorites related to CrossFit are double unders and power cleans. Outside of the gym she obsesses over trying new recipes, reading, and being crafty – pretty much a 20 something grandma, but she embraces it.

Kenzie Lowry


My name is Kenzie and I’m so happy you’re here. I started CrossFit at 14 years old, when my dad suggested I do a short summer conditioning program to get in better shape for softball. That “short summer program” turned into my biggest passion real quick, and I’ve been in love with health and wellness ever since. (9 whole years…time flies when you’re having fun!).

These days, you’ll most likely catch me at the gym doing some sort of burpee/bike/heavy lifting combo…buff girl things are my jam. CrossFit carried me through 14 years of competitive and college softball, inspired me to earn my L-1 and start a coaching career in 2017 and has continued to fuel my fire by helping me conquer personal obstacles and assist others in living their healthiest, most balanced lives. I retired from college softball in 2022, but am lucky enough to still be involved as a volunteer coach and help with our team strength and conditioning. I’ll earn my Bachelor’s Degree in Business by Spring of 2023, and hope to utilize my schooling while bringing fitness and the corporate world together in an effort to get more people excited about sustainable, lifelong activity.


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